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What approach will work best

To a large extent it depends on what kind of help you think you are looking for. I will ask you about this when we first meet.

Solution-focused and cognitive-behavioural approaches can be especially helpful if you have a specific symptom or form of anxiety you would like to overcome; you are seeking rapid change; you want to cope better generally or in a particular context; or you would like short-term psychotherapy.

Psychoanalytic and existential psychotherapy approaches tend to be more open-ended and exploratory, oriented more towards insight into how you are relating to others at home or at work or feelings about time or place or coping with uncertainty, freedom or constraint. These can be helpful if you feel the issues are situated mainly in a relationship or a relationship pattern, or if you are facing difficult life choices or circumstances.

The focus of therapy can be explicitly discussed as therapy continues; or it may evolve without a discussion being needed or wanted. It may be suitable to combine different approaches as your needs and circumstances change.

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