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How a non-judgmental space helps

People can mean different things by "non-judgmental." In my practice, non-judgmental means not judging the way you think or feel as good or bad. "Symptoms" are the things that "fall together" as we go along, and help us to notice when something is wrong. Sometimes they feel like the problem and if so, this is what can be worked on. Other times they might be a solution or a response to the problem, and can be explored from that perspective. How are your symptoms working for you?

In approaching this without judgment, I mean I have no view as to whether your symptoms are right or wrong. I prefer the idea that there need be no normal or right way to go about life. Understanding what works, and what helps or doesn't help, is centred around you and not imposed. We can sift through your repertoire of living, investigate possible reasons why you are the way you are, celebrate your successes, and find new possibilities where these are wanted or needed. I hope this way of working will be consistent with pluralist, postmodern and anti-discriminatory practice.

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