Dr Isabel Henton CPsycholCounselling psychologist in the City, North London & Online

How I work as a therapist

Psychotherapy is first and foremost an opportunity to talk to someone about what is bothering you, hear it spoken out loud, and have a conversation. Sometimes talking about experience with purpose can be calming and illuminating in itself.

Research has suggested that the quality of the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client, and in particular the therapist's ability to empathise, is what helps therapy make a difference. Different approaches to therapy have much in common, and can be integrated, but they don't take precedent over the offer of a reflective and non-judgmental space for you to use in the way you need.

Regardless of approach, any course of therapy will vary in its balance between support and challenge, and between insight and change - how much of each of these is wanted or warranted. I aim to help you clarify where you are now and where you might want to be in the future, if this is different. I will respond to what you tell me with what I have to offer given where I am coming from.

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